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Call Us Freaks

But That's Just the Way We Roll

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Your #1 LiveJournal Source for the Jonas Brothers!

Welcome to callusfreaks! Here, you can talk about the Jonas Brothers in an uncensored fashion. This is the only community on Livejournal made for this type of discussion. Post news, pictures, articles, videos, art, fan fiction, whatever you want.

Membership to this community is moderated. Blank or inactive journals will be denied membership. If you feel you've been wrongly rejected, please contact a mod about becoming a member. Do not request again, without being instructed to. Repeated requests will only result in your journal being banned.

Unless instructed to do so, do not message a mod about obtaining membership. These messages will be ignored. Any questions or comments concerning membership should be directed to this post. That said, feel free to message the mods about any other problems you may be having.

Disclaimer: This community is not intended for users under the age of 18. The maintainers cannot be held liable for anything other users say or do.
• Make sure all posts are friends only.
• Keep your posts Jonas-related. This is not a Miley Cyrus community.
• All videos, pictures, and overwhelmingly large text must be behind an LJ cut. If you're posting icons, you can leave a few samples out, but please have no more than three or four icons outside of the cut.
• Members are limited to two posts per day, in order to cut down on the massive number of posts we get on a daily basis. This rule may be broken for news, but try to stick to two a day, otherwise.
• Promoting a Jonas Brother or Disney related community is allowed. However, if there's already been a promotion for that same community in the past month, your post will be deleted.
• Before requesting something, we ask that you go back a few pages to make sure that what you're looking for hasn't been recently posted. You can also check the tags.
• No hotlinking.
• If you're embedding a video, please also provide a link to the video in your post. Embedded content doesn't work for everyone.
• No introduction posts.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your post being deleted.

• No flaming or bashing of other members.
• No complaining about content. If you feel the things in this community aren't for you, you can leave at any time.
• Do not delete a comment left in your entry just because you don't agree with what was said. Leave whether or not something needs to be deleted up to the mods.

If you're having problems with a community member, don't hesitate to contact a mod.
Cindy // justdemi - ontourwithjb - ourmiley

Want to be affiliated with our community? Drop a comment in one of our journals or send a message to a mod.
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